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Tuesday League


7:00 PM



This is a "semi-competitive" league as scores are kept but everybody is just out to have fun. We usually combine regular curling with "skins"  and have a playoff to determine the league champion at the end of the year. Spares are welcome and can play any position.

Open League


7:00 pm



Since this is an "open" league, any combination of male/female curlers is allowed. An all male team would be acceptable if it included at least one junior. Scores are kept but this league is really all about having fun. We try to mix it up a bit during the year by having "skins"  games as well as regular curling. The league champion is determined at the end of the year by a playoff. Spares are welcome and can play any position.

Adult Learn To Curl

Schedule Varies

Free Evening Clinics

Are you interested in getting involved in curling but don't know where to start?  Or have you been curling for a while and want to brush up on some skills?  We would love to get together with you and get you more comfortable with the game.  Just let us know that your interested and we will get in touch when we have another clinic.

Junior Curling Levels 1-3


Junior curling is geared to students from Grade 2-12 that want to improve their on ice skills. Our level courses run in six week instalments, beginning in November, and once students complete all three levels they graduate to our Junior Recreation and Competition Leagues.

Junior Curling Recreation League


Armed with the skills picked up in the Level programs, students in the League will start to learn team dynamics and game play rules and etiquette.  Our focus here is to get players ready to transition into adult play, be it Wednesday open league or local bonspiels.

Junior Curling Competition League


The focus of this league is to get players ready to compete in regional and provincial competitions. Players will be partnered with a team, and together will work on technical growth, group communication, competition game structure and etiquette, and team dynamics.  This program is a two year commitment and will require some out of town travel.

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