The Board


Steven is a great resource if you are wondering what we are up to in regard to repairs and capital projects. He also is a great programming resource.


Steven Burridge


Gord also can help with anything regarding the running and maintenance of the rink. As well as any programming information.

Vice President

Gord Ashmore


Sarah is the lady to talk to if you have questions about past or future meetings. She is also our Learn to Curl program organizer and can be contacted for more information regarding that.

Secretary/Learn to Curl/Junior Coach 

Sarah DeCiccio


Robyn is a great resource if you'd like to get your youth into competitive curling.

Treasurer/Junior Competition Teams

Robyn Ewert


Dawn would love to talk to you about renting the facility for your next event. She can also field any gaming questions you might have regarding the club.

Gaming Director/Rental Director/Junior Coach

Dawn McKay


Sean is who you need to talk to if you'd like to enter a team in league or need bonspiel information. 

Register/Junior Coach

Sean Fisher


Jenn is who you need to talk to about advertising in the club. She is also the lovely lady who runs our Junior Levels Program.

Funding Director/Junior Levels Director

Jenn Ashmore


Some might say the most important person at our club. This guy keeps things going, and makes sure we have an ice surface to play on.

Ice Maker

Brad Peavoy


This could be you!  Duties include stocking bar and finding tenders for bonspiels and events.

Bar Director

Still Available

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